Aparajita: The Resilient Artist

A virtual 3-day dance festival, conceptualized and curated by Madhuriya, sponsored by The Nehru Centre, London to showcase the potential for co-evolution of western and Indian forms (e.g. complementary footwork of Ballet and Kathak was used, and Bharatanatyam and Contemporary dance were juxtaposed with poetry).

Samvaad, 2020-21

Samvaad literally means ‘Conversation’ in Hindi. We featured artists and experts from creative fields all across the world in an informal and virtual setting to enable candid sharing.

If you are a creative person in any field of art and have something to share – a new perspective, something thought provoking or simply your journey, do get in touch with us!

A Journey of a Dancer, Sociologist, Educator and Curator

Samvaad with Dr Anonna Guha

Where Art Meets Science

Samvaad with Prof. Emma Redding

Breaking the Exclusivity Barrier in Indian Classical Dance

Samvaad with Nehha Bhatnagar

Guiding a new generation of dancers

Samvaad with Jayshree Bala Rajamani

From Jazz to Hindustani

Samvaad with Phil Scarff

Pedagogy in Indian Classical Dance

Samvaad with Rohini Dandavate

Performances and collaborations

Our students and artists perform at various events throughout the year. Some of our performances in the UK, include Congruity and Distinction – Bharatanatyam and Odissi at The Nehru Centre Women in Arts festival for Sama Arts, Radha Madhav Kalyana Mahotsav 2019, and the dance-drama, Meghadootam – a re-telling of the Sanskrit classic text through a creative collaboration of three different Indian classical dances. 

We are grateful to

The Nehru Centre

Sanyuktam Arts Foundation

Arts Depot

Culture Seeds