Story of the Logo

A logo is to an institution what notation is to a field of enquiry.

“By relieving the brain of all unnecessary work, a good notation like the Indian number system that replaced the Roman numerals, sets it free to concentrate on more advanced problems, and in effect increases the mental power of the race.” — A. N. Whitehead

Similarly, a good logo sets the mind free to imagine all advanced potentialities of the mission and goal of the institution.

This logo of ClimArts has been designed not just from calligraphic work suggestive of  a ‘c’ and an ‘a’ but to resonate much deeper.

Climate change has not been a straight line. In fact we are convulsing in the throes of its non linearity.

The two opposing arms joined together at the bottom, come together even in their apartness.

The gradually increasing redness on the left is suggestive of global warming and its repugnant consequences for mankind, the head of the food chain.

The intensifying blue on the right portrays  the dangers of rising sea levels. The stroke rising out of the straightened middle is evocative of sea creatures – dolphins, sharks and humpback whales

Together, however, they are evocative of the enveloping  embrace of a pregnant mother nurturing the growing fetus in her womb.

And that is precisely the mission of ClimArts to bring together the arts and the science communities to nurture, initiate and empower climate action.

We are grateful to

The Nehru Centre

Sanyuktam Arts Foundation

Arts Depot

Culture Seeds

We are proud to support Terra Carta and #CultureTakesAction